Creating Advanced Business Websites with Pods

In general, most people use WordPress for creating marketing and public information websites. While this is a necessary part of any business, it ignores the real power that WordPress can bring to an organization – running an entire operation from a single application. The efficiency and customized functionality this brings to an enterprise, easily justifies the $50,000 – $100,000+ price of these websites.

Identifying the specific needs, analyzing the information flow, customizing roles and access, and designing theses sites poses some unique challenges. Among these is the complex interrelationships of information found in business operations. These sites require more than the default WordPress database, however, they are the kinds of data connections that are created and managed particularly well in PODS.  

This presentation will cover the steps involved in the analysis, design, and creation of a complex back-end system with PODS, including integrating legacy databases, and customizing the WordPress site to the customer’s business processes, and will include case studies and example from client sites.