Grow Beyond Posts & Pages: An Introduction to the Pods Framework

If you’ve been building WordPress websites for clients for any period of time, you’ll have stumbled across the need to create Event Management, Staff Directories, Franchise Location listings, Services Listing or a Gallery Portfolio for those clients. Your first impulse might be to go find a plugin for that, but what if you could use ONE plugin in all those situations and be able to control the display of your content so it works with your theme? The Pods Framework is your solution!

We will be showing how to Plan out your Data structures (content modeling), Build those structures in Pods, Populate them and Prototype the display of your data using Pods Templates in any theme. You will learn about:

  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomies and Custom Fields in WordPress
  • Content Modeling and how it relates to your Content Strategy
  • Displaying Custom Data in your Theme without Coding