J. Aaron Eaton

Aaron is the Lead Developer for OptinMonster, the best lead generation software solution for websites of all types. Specializing in application development he has worked with several large brands including Texas A&M University. Aaron spends his free time enjoying being a husband and father as well as attempting to make things out of wood.

Jim True

Jim is the Community Manager & Support Lead for Pods Framework. You’ll find him regularly manning the Slack Chat for Pods, answering all your questions with patience and humor.

Jim is also a Graphic designer & web developer, budding photographer & artist, avid book reader & pop culture fanatic, former pastry chef & healthy food aficionado, coffee drinker & ice cream addict, autodidact & aspiring digital nomad. He also provides coaching to aspiring freelancers on how to work doing the things you love instead of just working to survive.

Nick Batik

Nick Batik has many years of experience working with business teams and IT Departments defining business objectives, identifying and mapping existing processes, and designing improved ones. His quality systems experience with Defense and Aerospace helps him lead effective Discovery sessions that guide the Pleiades team and our clients in collecting the data and analyzing the information needed to structure complex interactive data within the design framework.

Nick invests the time needed to observe our client’s business processes in action and meet the key stakeholders of the project. He applies his skills as a business process analyst to interpret those business requirements into the information architecture of the new or updated website. As the back-end developer, he creates the core computational logic of the website or information system to implement the customized functionality.

Information Architect
Senior WordPress Back-end Developer
Pleiades Services

Scott Kingsley Clark

Senior Web Engineer at 10up and of course — Lead Developer of the Pods Framework project.