Parking Downtown & Friday Night Reception

Parking Downtown is FUN

We know it’s late notice for tonight but we didn’t want you folks surprised about Parking tomorrow. We’ve just found out that parking all day in the garage at WPEngine is $24 for the day (so for both Friday & Saturday, that’d be $48 total!). The Parking Garage entrance is on 504 Lavaca Street and is in the building where WPEngine is located (10th floor). There is also metered parking on the street but maximum 3 hours so you’d need to move your car around. There are also additional lots and garages downtown that vary by rate and are within walking distance. This website should help you find alternatives. q=504+Lavaca+Street%2C+Austin% 2C+TX%2C+United+States

If it’s not too late, we definitely recommend carpooling to cut down on parking costs.

In the event that the cost of parking is not economical for you, we are offering partial refunds for those who would like to switch from two-day to one-day PodsCamp tickets. We are also offering full refunds for those who are no longer able to attend for parking reasons or any other external reasons as well. Please contact for any special arrangements and we will get you taken care of, no questions asked.

Friday Night Reception (after our PodsCamp Day on Friday)

The Austin WordPress Community has waited a long time for their very own PodsCamp and we are going to celebrate by throwing a party for our attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Friday, November 4th, you are invited to the home of Nick and Sandi Batik for an evening of Burgers, Brats, BBQ and Beer with all the fixin’s.  We will also have some vegetarian options and soft drinks. After the Friday Q&A ends, please come to Nick and Sandi’s home. Directions and additional information should be in your attendee e-mails.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!